»Be the change that you want to see in the world.«


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

For Entrepreneurs, Executives/Managers and
Human Resource Directors

Are traditional methods of increasing sales and profits no longer effective for you?

The competition is always a step ahead?

Creating and offering new products and services requires envisioning them. Vision can be hindered by systems of belief, and other inner limitations. My work supports you to eliminate the source of these hindrances and replace them with a different, broadened way of looking at things. This fresh perspective facilitates a new and expanded way of thought, and an increase in profits.

»Motivated by enjoyment«

Traditional objectives often come from restrictive, coercive methods. So much more can be achieved when colleagues feel motivated by the enjoyment of what they are doing, in service to a goal that everyone is interested in reaching.

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For Teams and Sales Groups

Your group wants to achieve a goal but is constantly burdened by distracting ways of thinking?

You want to create a feeling of group identity and use it to inspire?

Consciously or unconsciously, individual colleagues in a team often quickly lose their connection to an objective. In this, the focus which comes from attention is lost, and with it the synchronous, coherent concentration on results.

When the intellectual and emotional elements generated by a goal follow that goal, they afford a strong foundation for achieving that task in the circumstances provided.

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For Private Individuals and Competitive Athletes

You want to become a winner through mental fortitude?

You want to improve your performance or experience a new and optimal feeling of movement?

Our body, as well as its surrounding circumstances, are reflections of an inner conditioning. This conditioning can be transformed using specific methods. Believing in success brings us closer to our goals. And in the process we improve our handicap.

»Success comes to those who become success conscious.«


Napoleon Hill


I use the newest, best, most efficient methods in western energy medicine. These begin with the subconscious, which has the greatest influence on the events and contexts in daily life. With a systematic process, limiting belief systems are explored and sustainably dismantled at their root cause. And in most cases replaced with their opposites.

Success here simply requires a relative amount of openness. The methods are conscientiously tested and safe. A detailed course of action is addressed in a preliminary discussion. Generally though, the process entails several one-hour sessions which take place on consecutive or nearly consecutive days.


Dipl. Ing. Michael Neumann

As an executive in the IT and engineering fields, it was never a contradiction for me to further educate myself in energy medicine, with its potential for application in the optimization of physical achievements, work processes, and leadership qualities. Firmly anchored in both worlds, I am able to reap the greatest benefits from each and create maximum value.

As a trained instructor in Thetahealing®, one of the most causative and efficient implementation forms of energy medicine, my work is also significantly informed by the structurally focused methodology of Hiroyuki Miyazaki, founder of the Ascent Leadership Institute.

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